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Why the Apple, FBI and AntiSec UDID debacle won't go away

 During the week of September 2, 2012, AntiSec published 1 million anonymized Apple Unique Device Identifiers (the “UDIDs”) claiming that it was part of a database of 12 million UDIDs taken from an FBI agent’s computer.  The FBI claims that it was not hacked and Apple claims that they have not disclosed this information.  However, multiple people claim to have found their own UDIDs within the published database.  A current theory is that the leaked database may be linked to an app.

A potential issue with the release of the database is that the UDIDs leaked may enable individuals to more easily compile malicious targeted code. As such, if the leaked UDIDs are legitimate these devices are susceptible to targeting.

Two lawsuits concerning the release of UDIDs have been previously filed against Apple.   Apple has stated that it is discontinuing the use of UDIDs. 

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