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Privacy Commissioner Report Finds that Nexopia Violated Canadian Privacy Laws

Nexopia, an Edmonton-based social networking site which bills itself as “the place to be for teens looking to express themselves” was recently found to be in breach of Canadian privacy laws by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner.

In a recent report, the Privacy Commissioner made a series of twenty-four (24) recommendations to resolve identified problems and Nexopia has agreed to address twenty (20) of them.  The remaining four (4) issues pertain to the retention of users’ personal information.  

Nexopia’s indefinite retention of user data was deemed by the Privacy Commissioner to violate Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA).

While Nexopia has yet to address all of the Privacy Commissioner’s concerns, privacy advocates have heralded the Privacy Commissioner’s report as a “huge step forward for online youth privacy”.

In terms of moving forward, the Privacy Commissioner’s office is looking into other options including going to the Federal Court to have the full complement of recommendations enforced. 

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