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Family Sues Nova Scotia Government over Bluenose Design

After three years of disagreement between the Roue family and the Nova Scotia government, the family has decided to file a lawsuit against the province, as well as other entities involved in the boat’s restoration, for copyright infringement, as well as infringement of the family’s moral rights in the original design of the boat.

The boat in question, Bluenose II, was built in 1963 as a direct replica of the original Bluenose, and while the province owns the boat, the Roue family claims ownership of the original design of the vessel.

While the lawsuit does not specify a dollar amount, the family is seeking financial compensation and an injunction to prevent the province from using the name “Bluenose” in association with the boat.  The Roue family claims that the province maintains that the restoration of the Bluenose II does not infringe on any copyrights since it is not an authentic replica of the Bluenose.

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