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The Case for Patents

The U.S. patent system has recently come under attack by a number of economists and advisors, many of whom argue that software patents in particular are deleterious to the public good.

In his article, “Software Patents Shrugged,” Raymond Van Dyke of E-Commerce Times makes the case for the continuance and subsistence of the American patent system insofar as it pertains to software patents.  Believing that both the US and the world benefit greatly from the technological innovations the patent system fosters and protects, Van Dyke writes:

Without software, our lives would be far different. Without software, our society would collapse…All important technologies require protection. Abrogation or curtailment of patent rights in software, genomics, nanotechnology or any other controversial area would devastate industries and cripple the U.S.

Whether or not the current patent system achieves it stated goals of effectively protecting technological innovations, and with it, the public good, remains to be seen.  What is certain at this point, however - according to Van Dyke at least - is that with time, “software patent controversies will diminish as the major players learn to coexist.”  One can only remain hopeful that this will be the case.

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