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EU Develops New Cyber security Plan

The European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have published a cyber security strategy and a proposed directive on network and information security (NIS). The cyber security strategy, “An Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace,” and the NIS were drafted in response to the increase, severity and complexity in cyber security incidents. The strategy and the NIS will replace the fragmented remedy efforts currently employed by the European Commission and EU member states with collective and consistent international measures.

The cyber security strategy has five priorities: 1) achieving cyber resilience; 2) reducing cybercrime; 3) developing a cyber-defence policy related to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy; 4) developing industrial and technological resources for cyber security; and 5) establishing an international cyberspace policy for the EU that promotes core EU values.

The proposed NIS is meant to ensure that digital systems are safe and secure. Member states must appoint a national NIS authority to respond to risks and incidents, and must work in cooperation with the Commission and other member states to strengthen cyber security. Critical internet system and service providers and operators of essential services must adopt risk management practices and report severe security incidents. 

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